Holíč, surroundings

Historical and sacred monuments

Holíč Castle

Only 5 minutes walk from the hotel is the monumental Baroque-Classical Holíč Castle, former summer representational seat of the Habsburgs and a national cultural monument. Although it is currently under reconstruction, the town regularly organizes different activities in its repaired sections and in its courtyard which bring to life the past of the estate and the surrounding residents. For example, the craft fair and an exhibition of horse-breeding in the imperial era have already become traditional events, among others. Events like Traditions without Borders, the Teresa Festival, the Night of the Castle Ghosts, the Castle Beer Fest, races and exhibitions of historical motorcycles, photographs of historical monuments, live musical performances or painting art events all bring unforgettable experiences. Likewise the Summer Teresa Festival, held regularly in August, attracts not only residents of the Záhorie region but also those from the sister city of Hollabrunn and supporters from all of Slovakia and Moravia. Current events can be found on the town Web site at www.holic.sk, or from the hotel’s personnel at reception.  

The Town Gallery

One part of the castle is also the town gallery, which is made available during the summer tourism season and allows meetings of artists from both Slovakia and abroad. Therefore, classical music concerts and exhibitions of different types take place here. The permanent exposition is the work of Holíč native and academic painter Oľga Bartošíková and other professional and amateur artists.

The Town Museum

Those interested in history will certainly enjoy the Museum in Holíč, functioning as an external exposition of the Záhorie Museum based in Skalica. Up to the year 2010 it was housed in a Baroque-Classical building not far from the castle, in which the Holíč ceramics (faience), known throughout Europe, were once manufactured. At present it is located in a newly reconstructed part of the castle. Thanks to a model of the town’s historical buildings it is possible to see the original state of the castle and its grounds along with a moving model of a wooden windmill, churches, chapels and the other historical objects of our little town. An exhibition of crafts, local folk costume, samples of Holíč and Haban ceramics and a gallery of paintings by amateur artist Ota Kroupa are also part of the museum.
Among the town’s other historical monuments are the Burgher’s House on Bratislava Street, with a coat-of-arms dated 1624-1910, or Holíč‘s manufacturing buildings from the 18th century. For a tour of the monuments you can take advantage of the guide services offered by the Tourist Information Center.

Near the hotel there is a number of opportunities for visiting churches or chapels of national or historical significance.

The God Church of Gothic Heart

Only a few steps from the hotel is located the original God Church of Gothic Heart, in which holy masses are regularly held.

Church St. Martina

The wooden sculpture depicting the Sorrowful Mother with the dead body of Jesus Christ is one of the most valuable artistic works of its type in Central Europe. It dates back some 300 years and very expressively depicts sorrow, grief and mournfulness on one hand and love and reverence on the other. This Baroque pieta is made from wood, and at the end of the 19th century it was covered by a newer period-style polychrome.

The Evangelical Tolerance Church

The church with its original furnishings date from the year 1787.  


Among the oldest monuments is the Lorentian Chapel, originally a Romanesque church, according to which the town was also named. It originally served as an orthodox church and today is considered the oldest building monument in Holíč. The known nobleman Peter Bakič was eventually buried in it. Near the cemetery is another sacred monument – the Florian Chapel, a Baroque-Classical building which we consider as the site of the oldest local settlement.

Points of interest for tourists

The Baťa Canal

We recommend that our guests visit the Baťa Canal (Baťov kanál), a tourists water way. The landing at Skalica offers motorboats, canoes and cabin boats for rent. After instructions from trained personnel you can head out on your own for a cruise on this water way and have a rest in the beauty of nature. During your journey you can also try cruising through a number of navigable chambers. If you dare not undertake this journey on your own, then you can take advantage of the guided cruises which begin either in Skalica or at other landings of neighboring Moravia.

A Sunday sightseeing cruise beginning in nearby Veselí nad Moravou is most often connected by tourists with a visit to Strážnice and the local outdoor architectural museum (skanzen) or the castle wine cellars in Uhorský Ostroh together with a tasting of local wines. Stop in Sudoměřice to see the technological landmark Výklopník (coal tipper). This is an interesting building once used to load lignite coal from wagons onto river barges. On its roof is a lookout tower which offers a genuinely beautiful view over the surrounding White Carpathian Mountains and the Morava River.

Of interest is also the so-called Beer cruise, during which you’ll not only see points of interest in the surroundings, but you’ll also enjoy them with a keg of beer directly on board... This area is also closely linked with this beverage; beer was being brewed in the local brewery in the village of Uhorský Ostroh as early as the 16th century.

The Holíč megaliths

Holíč is the only town in Slovakia in which such cultist stones are present. These are a set of 22 giant stones which allegedly display a mythological function. For example, the largest of them is 7 meters long and evidently depicts a hammer, which was an attribute of the known god of thunder. The stones are divided into males and females and were discovered in the area beneath the Calvary. They are genuinely interesting for local people, tourists and experts alike. Indeed they are handed down from the period of Great Moravia.

Sightseeing flights over the Záhorie

One certainly unforgettable experience for a visitor is a sightseeing flight, which you can arrange at the Holíč airfield. It’s enough to come with firm shoes, warm clothing and a head covering, and sunglasses are always worth having, too. The best time is during the weekends in the afternoon hours when the weather is pleasant. Each year in summer the airfield also organizes an "Aviation Day", during which visitors have the opportunity to watch aerial acrobatics, aerial dogfights and aerial demonstrations. The day is always joined with a parade of antique automobiles and airplane models. You’ll find more information at www.letiskoholic.sk.

The windmill

This is the only windmill of its kind preserved in Slovakia. It is located in the wooded hills above the town. It is a Dutch type of windmill, made of stone, with a basement and three stories tall. It was built at the end of the 19th century, though it ceased to function as a mill after the First World War. The rotating roof was replaced with a brick one.

Sporting opportunities


An excellent way of spending a weekend afternoon is to combine a cruise with a bicycle ride. Alongside the Baťa Canal there is a peaceful cycling path with a number of resting points. The Skalica landing is the crossroad of a number of cycling paths and as a result it has obtained a "Welcome, cyclists" certificate.
Therefore, you can be sure that quality services and various advantages are provided here; along the path are also boards with cycling maps. You can therefore come to know not only the entire upper Záhorie region, but also part of Southern Moravia by visiting its monuments and wine cellars.

In-line skating

In the surroundings of the Baťa Canal it’s also possible to take part in another favorite sport from recent years – in-line skating. An access path to the landing has been modified for this very purpose.


Directly in the territory of Holíč and its nearby surroundings are a number of fishing ponds which allow, for a reasonable price, fishing on the basis of guest fishing licenses for members of other organizations. The revitalization of the environment and the possibility of genuinely pleasant catches have become attractive for sport fishing, a fact confirmed by the repeat visits of fishermen from different regions. In addition to other events, fishing competitions for adults and children are regularly held here. The ponds are actually just a few minutes away by car and are accessible from the approach roads. All current information regarding the possibilities of fishing are available on the Web pages of the Slovak Fisherman’s Association Holíč – www.srzmoholic.sk, or at the operation of the Slovak Fishermen’s Association in Skalica: "Občerstvení u kapra", located at the Skalica fish ponds.

Zlatnícka dolina swimming pool
Hodonín swimming pool
Smrdáky health spa
Hodonín health spa

Culture in and around the town

Don´t miss


Holíč folklore festival - an international showing of folklore ensembles is held in the amphitheater.
Hunting exhibition of trophies and wine-tasting – the activity takes place in the castle wine bars.


Traditions without borders with the sub-title Welcome to the Estate of Maria Theresa – this abundantly visited two-day event takes place on the grounds of Holíč Castle.
A crafts fair is prepared for visitors. At a period marketplace craftsmen make and offer their products for sale directly in front of the eyes of visitors. Popular domestic and foreign groups handle the entertainment. Period games and competitions are prepared, as well as a historical fashion show, a tournament on horses and an evening historical parade and fireworks show.


Aviation day – a traditional viewing of the most varied models of aviation technology, an aircraft modeler‘s exhibition, an air show of actual helicopters and airplanes takes place at the Holíč airfield. Aerial acrobatics as well as sightseeing flights are prepared.
An international competition of radio-controlled models with electrical motors of the categories F5J and F5J-400. Takes place at the Holíč Airfield, the event is included in the EUROCUP series of competitions.
Onion Festival – Holíč Airfield hosts a two-day musical event; thousands of viewers enjoy the performances of Czech and Slovak musical groups on a number of stages. A tent village is also available.


Festival of brass music from both banks of the Morava River – lovers of brass music come to the Holíč amphitheater to hear their favorite tunes. The performance of brass music from Moravia and  from Slovakia attracts a great number of visitors each year.


Castle beer festival + the European Championships for VINTAGE OLDTIMER road motorcycles.
International races of historical motorcycles on a track passing through the town center.

Spectators can admire the motorcycles in the depot located on the grounds of Holíč Castle.
After completion of the races a festival of beer and good entertainment takes place in the spaces of the castle – Skalica Days – a traditional event takes place in the historic center of the town of Skalica. The entire center of the town is reserved for fun, music, good food and “burčiak“ (wine produced from freshly fermented grapes) for three days.


Night of the Castle Ghosts – Holíč Castle welcomes visitors both young and old with its frightening atmosphere. Surprises in the most varied masks and costumes await visitors in the castle chambers and otherwordly underground hallways from the first moments. Monsters, ghosts, witches, vampires, devils and skeletons lurk over every step of totally unsuspecting visitors. Visitors can also open imaginary doors of history and experience meetings with the monarch Maria Theresa, who along with her entourage in period costumes welcome them in the Chinese Salon.


Martin’s Fair – a crafts fair in the center of town with a cultural program, a wide offer of products and refreshments are on offer in sales stands.


Holíč Christmas Days – wooden stalls on the square offer a traditional Christmas assortment. Visitors can admire the hand-carved wooden Nativity scene with life-sized characters.
International Road Run Hodonín - Holíč - Skalica – a popular sporting event joining together two states and three towns. A great many runners take part in the event each year along with spectators cheering them along the course.

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